Chicago native, Amy Limpinyakul has always been a misfit. Being the only girl in an Asian family, she was often scolded for blasting punk tunes on her guitar, constantly having bloodied and bruised legs from skateboarding, and only making friends with boys. It was certainly no surprise that she decided to pursue a career in filmmaking.

She went to DePaul University to study film where she fell in love with cinematography and took every opportunity she could to learn more about lighting and camera motion—working nearly every weekend on student projects. After graduating with a BA in Digital Cinema and an MS Cinema Production she was invited back to DePaul to film an MFA thesis, which was her first feature film, Graybeard.

To continue her learning after graduation, she navigated her way through independent projects and network television, working in the grip, electric, and camera departments, all while setting time aside to shoot any project she could.  Some of her works include Limerence, which won a Silver Remi Award at WorldFest Houston (2020), and her second feature film, Cecily and Lydia at the Waypoint.

Amy’s approach to cinematography is rooted in creating impactful images that serve the story and immerses the audience. Having worked on an assortment of productions in several departments has given her a major foundation to understand how to craft an image with various crew sizes and budgets. Her professional experience tied with her inner-city upbringing gives her a unique perspective behind the lens.