Nobody Really Cares If You Don't GoTo The Party (2019) Sony A7RIII; Dir. Juliette Strangio
Got Your Back (2019) Sony A7RIII; Dir. Melissa Kong
Bad Habit  (2019) Sonay A7RIII; Problemagic
Robbery (2019) Sony A7RIII; Problemagic
Dijon Doug (2019) Sony A7RIII; 2 Thumbs Up Media
Cecily and Lydia at the Waypoint (2018) Red Epic Dragon; Big C Creative
Seven: The Short Film Combating Domestic Violence (2018) Canon C500; Fork The Man Productions
The Wonderful (2018) Arri Alexa XT; Mondo Machine
Triflin' (2017) Canon C300 MKII; Dir. Amber Washington
Limerence (2016) Red Epic; Glass City Films
After Hours (2016) Canon C300; Glass City Films
Graybeard (2014) Red One; Otherly Pictures
N.O.O.D.L.E.S (2014) JVC700; Dir. Steve Lightner
No Comprendo (2014) Red Epic; Dir. Veronica Bouza
Stage Three (2014) 2nd Unit DP; Dir. Wendy Roderweiss
Grace on the Line (2013) Red Epic; Dir. Kaveh Ryndak
The Navigator (2013) Arri Alexa XT; Dir. Griffen Campbell
Uncle Muscles (2013) Sony EX1; Dir. Sean Budde
The Tickler (2012) Canon T2i; Dir. Nick Helfers
The Curious Incident of the Butcher (2011) Canon 7D; Dir. Vera Drew



Tresiba: All Star Speaker Series (2017) DP Andrew Dryer; Closerlook, inc
Godfrey: Regular Black (2016) DP Lawerence Daufenbach; Showtime
BP Commercial (2016) DP Fred Miller; The Onion Labs
Dream Detective (2016) DP Christopher Rejano; Black Apple Media
The Jamz (2016) DP Christopher Rejano; NYTVF Productions
The Art Of (2016) DP Tom Ciciura; Ovation

Tresiba: Video Vignettes (2016) DP Andrew Dryer; Closerlook, inc 
Dead Draw (2014) Additional Cam Op; DP Jim Timperman; Rocket3/Coin Operated Films
Tough Season 2 (2014) DP Tom Circiura; The Onion
Home Depot Commercial (2013) DP Christopher Rejano; The Onion Labs
Tech Trends 300 (2013) DP Tom Ciciura; The Onion
Tough Season (2013) DP Tom Ciciura; The Onion
Bonzie Music Video (2013) DP Jack Mayer