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Director of Photography J. Amy Limpinyakul was born and raised in Chicago, IL to Thai immigrant parents. During her rebellious teenage years she developed a passion for skateboarding, which became the launching pad for her interest in cinematography as she wanted to create her own skateboarding videos like the ones that she would obsessively watch.

Amy went to DePaul University where she earned a BA in Digital Cinema and an MS in Cinema Production, both with cinematography concentrations. Shortly after graduating, she shot her first feature film, Graybeard, which was an official selection at the 2020 Garden State and Capital City Film Festivals. She was nominated for best cinematography for her second feature, Cecily and Lydia at the Waypoint, which won best picture at the 2021 Midwest Film Fest.


Some of her other notable works include Limerence which won the Silver Remi Award at World Fest Houston 2020 and The Wonderful which was an official selection at six different festivals including the Atalanta Comedy Film Festival 2019.

This past summer Amy was the second unit Director of Photography for the Haroula Rose film, All Happy Families, starring Josh Radnor, Rob Huebel, Becky Ann Baker, and John Ashton which premiered at Chicago International Film Fest 2023. She also shot the TV Pilot, Hank and Willow, with director Brad Morris, which won best TV Pilot at the Vancouver Independent Film Festival 2023 and SOHO International Film fest 2023.


Her recent projects include a Fashion Film for the company Production Mode and a Music Video for the band Coco.

When she is not filming, Amy enjoys rock climbing, writing music, and catching up on movies. Amy is a citizen of both the USA and Thailand.

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